Line Interactive UPS

Pure Sine Wave UPS: 1KVA - 10KVA

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  • CPU Design base
  • Pure sine wave
  • Intelligent Charging controlled
  • Input power factor improved charger
  • Intelligent two- way dialogue interactive LCD control panel dot matrix display
  • Multiple interfaces options /RS232/RS485/MOBUS/USB/SNMP
  • Detachable control LCD panel function
  • Compact design
  • Cold start
  • Intelligent fan speed control
  • Overload, overheat, surges, spikes, short circuit, over charge protection
  • Long time backup
  • Support Linear & Nonlinear loads
  • Integrate with Genset
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Rack/Tower convertible

Due to the prices of fuel and electricity are rising higher and higher, Energy Saving has become one of the most important issue nowadays. It is a trend to operate ECO –Economical mode on big capacities on-line double conversion ups. This seems to virtually turn UPS back to Stand by ( off –line) era but for Sine Wave power generated by inverter , low Harmonic Distortion and both Linear and Non-linear loads are supported.

The basic structure and circuit of ECO are –

The prime theme of our new APA pure sine wave line-interactive UPS are also based on Energy Saving and Environmental Protection. In addition to providing high quality Sine Wave power ,low Harmonic Distortion to support both Linear and Non-linear loads, APA series has built in a wide range AVR (automatic voltage regulator ) on Bypass circuit to stabilizer the power which makes APA series operate even more effectively and safely than an On-line double conversion UPS operated under ECO mode. .

APA basic structure and operation procedures are

The strong points of an APA pure sine wave line-interactive UPS Compared with an on-line double conversion UPS operated under ECO mode are –

Wider input range: More than 10% wider input main power voltage range than an on-line UPS
High efficiency overall: Consumes much less power than an on-line double conversion UPS during bypass mode operation
Better stability : concise designed compact unit obtains better stability.
Economical smaller build : cost down dimension design. Less expense for users.


Big capacities UPS are used for expensive and precision-made instruments, accordingly, an on-line structure design are mostly required. As new technology in control and development are well improved, Energy Saving ECO operation mode has become a revealing idea and is now widely employed by users to cherish precious earth resources and to save expensive running cost . We take it as a monumental change to UPS application and that is why we keep focusing our efforts to develop the more efficient and Energy Saving APA series.

To save energy and protect earth resources from dissipation, we highly recommend the 98% above efficiency APA pure sine wave line-interactive UPS
APA series ranges from 650va ,1kva ,1.5kva ,2kva ,3kva ,5kva ,7.5kva to 10KVA.
Please refer to APA brochures for detail specifications and more