On-Line UPS

True Online Galvanic Isolated UPS: 10KVA-400KVA

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  • Adopting the DSP technology and IGBT component.
  • The Galvanic Isolation in AC input and output
  • Powerful overload and interference-resist ability
  • Wild AC input range (145~315VAC),Wild frequency input range
  • Special load protection makes UPS is fit for any type of the load.
  • Startup without surge current
  • Repair & Maintenance the whole day through Long-range dial
  • The design of single PC control can improve the reliability and maintenance conveniently.
  • The design of anthropomorphized operation makes the operation more safe and convenient.
  • Perfect protection ensures the system can automatically cut off when the abnormal condition occurred.
  • Intelligent communication function supports the MAGATEC, UPSilon2000 and Netagent.
  • Approve EN50091-1,-2